God is all in all

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God is The Source

Madeline L’Engle wrote in “Walking on Water” that “To be truly Christian means to see Christ everywhere, to know Him as all in all”. My kids have commented before that I “talk about God a lot” or that I “try to put God in everything”. But, the thing is, God IS in everything.

In all creation. In all hearts, whether acknowledged or not, He made them. God was the raw material for creation. To create means to “cut out”. Like Michelangelo’s David, freed from the block of stone, God was the raw material for creation. He was the Alpha….the beginning. The very, very, very beginning. There were no other resources from which to draw. If there were, then that resource or source would be bigger than God and we’d no longer be talking about God. The God I refer to is the One who was there when there was nothing else. That’s the One I worship.

Any attempt to explain life and creation and the universe without an ultimate source or endpoint just makes no flippin’ sense at all. Big Bang theory – exceptionally dense material “explodes” (or whatever) and the universe comes out of it. Ok, I can buy that. It may have even happened that way, not that it matters, but if it did happen that way, where did this exceptionally dense material that was the source of the Big Bang come from? Any explanation leads back to God.

Whether you subscribe to goo evolving into what we are today, big bangs or whatever, all must obey the laws of science. Conservation of matter is a fundamental principle of classical physics that states that matter cannot be created or destroyed. Stuff doesn’t just show up or disappear, it only changes forms. Burnt wood becomes ash. Clapped hands become sound waves that reverberate and echo. Forces may change form, but they don’t invent themselves. There is a source. Where there is an echo, there was a source of the sound. Where there is matter, it came from somewhere. It CAME FROM SOMEWHERE.

So, for conversation of matter (mass) to remain true, keeping in mind this is a basic scientific law, then what must’ve been the source of the mass, if He was the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning…..the BEGINNING and the end. God had to actually be the source of all in order for Him to be God.

He’s Still in Business

Whoever that guy is….as Christians we call His son Jesus and worship Him for having the grace, love and kindness to bother with His creation by sending a part of Himself, to come here to save us from being totally completely lost. That is the One I worship.

I cannot worship a “science” that must violate basic scientific laws in order to be congruent with itself. That story doesn’t fly with me. My faith isn’t that large…not large enough to believe in “self-creation” with no source. Not large enough to throw a billion years into a bucket and then magically suspend laws we have observed to be true in the present. He is the source.

His creativity is evident everywhere. His insanely abundant wastefulness and creativity. This God that I worship made flying fish. Flying flippin’ fish. I am writing this sitting on a balcony on the Carnival Liberty cruise ship and here, in the straits between the Keys and Cuba, are fish that jump out of the ocean and then flap their fins like wings, staying airborne for sometimes almost 100 yards. Amazing. The Artist took the design of a bird and a fish and crossed them. He was feeling playful that day.

He made fields of wildflowers I observed recently in the fields along the highways of Louisiana on a sunny March morning. Millions of them. Maybe tens of millions, who could know? Endless fields of purple, yellow and white blowing in an unseen breeze, standing at attention to receive the warmth of the sun. Shining in all their glory, and then, a few weeks later, they will be gone. The petals faded, the earth reclaiming what it sprouted forth. Divine excess – glorious wastefulness. Beauty for miles splashed out like a divine smile upon his children. Worth the cost to the One who designed nature. Worth it to bring a smile and lightness of heart to his favorite creation, you and me.

Do you see Me?

To see His love, all you have to do is look. To see Him, all you have to do is look. He’s there. He’s watching and waiting patiently. Giving little gifts, like millions of wildflowers, even if you walk by the vase to focus on your bills or TV show without so much as a thank you. The flowers will be back year after year. You and I will not. Choose faith in the Eternal One, not faith in some theory cooked up by a professor who worships his own intellect and doesn’t care about you.

Choose the Love of the One who made you.  The One who knows your name.  You won’t regret it.

If you are a believer, I hope this post encourages your faith.  If you are not, I hope it spurs you to think again about where it is you came from.  Put the “all Christians are hypocrites” thinking down for a minute and consider your personal fate.  You are worth more than you know to One who is bigger than you can imagine.  Feel free to ping me on the contact me page or comment below.  I read every email.

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