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  Always Be Persistent? There are signs when we are trying to “make things happen” instead of flowing with God. Recently, my boss suggested I connect with a peer-led professional development organization here in Atlanta (no, I didn’t take that as “you suck”, but…).  Long story short, after visiting two different groups plus extensive Google searches for alternatives, I finally realized this wasn’t working. I was trying hard to make

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Maybe Its’ Just Me…. Our society is very fast moving. Time is of the essence – the pressure to do more is endless. Friendships tend to take a backseat. The effort to sustain relationships outside (and sometimes inside) immediate family is difficult to muster…at least for me. It isn’t that I don’t care. It isn’t that I am an uncaring bastard (hopefully…), its the barrage of “life” that causes my

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  In the Bonus… My wife and I recently took our 25th anniversary trip (on our 26th anniversary….blame schedules and having four kids in the house last year for that…). We were fortunate to have enough Southwest Airlines points and Hilton points to fly and stay for free. Well, almost. Resorts always are kind enough to hit you with a $20 daily fee for breathing their air and looking at

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l. m. montgomery
A post about the most famous Canadian author and her relevance to your faith walk today. Do you “have to” or do you “get to”?

A post for my old friend Kevin. God bless you, Kevin.


This post explores our ability (or lack of) to understand those from a different mindset.