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CW Lewis Image
CS Lewis’ journey to faith summarized in my words after reading David C. Downing’s book.

This post explores what happens when you try to do too much in your own strength.

Expectations and Margin Photo
This post is about letting go of unrealistic expectations and living in freedom. READ MORE

Humble Solider - Humility
Humility is a misrepresented term in our culture. What is true humility? READ MORE

Generosity (
Greed or generosity? This post explore the effects of these heart conditions on our lives. READ MORE

GOD IS THE SOURCE – Madeline L’Engle wrote in “Walking on Water” that “To be truly Christian means to see Christ everywhere, to know Him as all in all”. My kids have commented before that I “talk about God a lot” or that I “try to put God in everything”. But, the thing is, God IS in everything. READ MORE