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The Second Step – Talking to God


Some people make this complicated, but it isn’t. Some people make it “religious” and boring, but it doesn’t have to be. After faith, the first “action” step in feeling God’s presence is to talk to Him. That may be obvious, but so many of us fail to do it. The other part, even more important than talking to Him is listening to Him. As we discussed in the first email on faith, to hear Him, you have to believe not only that He exists but that He cares enough to talk back.

Yes, I believe God speaks to us personally.

No, not audibly, though I have heard tales of such encounters with God (and the Bible is full of them), but more of an inner knowing. A “still small voice” is what the scriptures describe (1 Kings 19:12) and this voice IS available to you. You CAN hear if you allow yourself.

But, how do I do that?

Well, let’s take a few simple steps.

If you are like most people, you want someone to talk to, to express yourself to. Not religiously, not by saying 10 of this prayer and 12 of that and then flogging yourself with a wet noodle. Nope. Just, hey, God, what was up with this today? Why did that bother me so much? Show me. Talk to God as if he were a REAL PERSON, not a religious corporation -“God, Inc”. Talk to Him like you talk to a good friend, not like you are sitting in a deposition with a room full of lawyers, having to watch every word or else…

Talk to Him like He is real and like He is a friend.

If you quiet your mind and heart, you will be AMAZED at the answers that will become clear to you. You will be amazed at the Wisdom that will manifest itself. No, you may not “hear” a complete sentence or paragraph. You may not even hear a phrase at first, but the peace and clarity you will experience will show you that He is real.

Talk to Him, take the time to listen, have the faith to expect an answer (recall Hebrews 11:6 from the first lesson, he who comes to God must believe that He rewards those who seek Him earnestly).

Finally, let me challenge you to keep track of what you ask of Him. No, prayer isn’t just a place for you to vent a bunch of demands to God, but it is natural to ask someone who CAN do something for you that you can’t do for yourself TO do things for you. Asking is a sign of faith.

Now, note that asking God to allow you win the $1.3M Powerball jackpot to “prove” that He is real isn’t how it works. God works in the currency of faith (ask Him why it’s that way, I won’t try to explain or defend the system). God doesn’t bark when you ask him to bark, but He does reward faith.

Even then, even when you know that He is real, sometimes we forget how near and practical and powerful prayer can be. Keep a journal of what you ask of Him and the prayers He answers. When you have doubts, look at your journal of answered prayers.

It will astound you.

If you have doubts, do it. I double-dog dare you.

God is good. Hang out with Him a bit and see if you don’t agree.

I ask you today to think about the possibility that Faith and prayer will cause you to Feel God’s Presence.

Thanks for reading – look for the next email in the series in a couple of days. Until then, talk to Him a bit. Don’t make it hard, just talk to Him. He’s there. Give it a try.

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