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The Third Step – Read His Story

He left a little note for you…..

Hopefully if you’ve made it this far with me, you aren’t recoiling at the prospect of actually cracking a book (or an audiobook or online or podcast). There are apps that will send you a scripture a day even (bite size).

Why is this important? Part of feeling God’s presence is knowing a bit more about Him….how He “does business”, how He thinks, feels and relates to us. The Bible is the handbook for this information.

Even if you don’t yet buy into the “Holy Spirit inspired, man written” thing which makes reading the Holy Bible the same thing as reading a transcript of a conversation with God (with some historical framework thrown in), let me say this about the book:

  • It is the World’s #1 Bestseller. Isn’t that reason enough to give it a read?
  • People do the craziest s&*t you can imagine because of MIS-interpretation of what it says. If you have any interest at all in human psychology and behaviour, it’s truly fascinating.
  • Classic stories – the Bible is full of stories that people, Christian and non-Christian, refer to. Names, places, events. Being well-read and literate requires you to know some of the “main stories” and characters.

If you are with me, your Bible may be laying on the table in front of you. It’s sheer size is intimidating. If it’s digital, the number of locations shown is daunting. Most people read a book cover to cover. You may have attempted that. Unfortunately, despite its best seller status, the layout of the Bible for a straight through read stinks (no offense to the Author intended!).

If you want to try to tackle the whole thing, a listing of various practical reading plans can be found HERE (though there are countless more).

For an even easier method, if you are new to Bible reading let’s take the size and confusion out of it. Make a micro-commitment instead of a huge commitment.

Commit to read one verse a day.

Not one chapter, not an entire book, just one verse per day (that’s a couple of sentences).

Don’t knock it. Even if you are a pastor of a church, did you really read the Bible every single day last year? It’s okay to start small – much better than committing to read the entire Bible in a year, bogging down in Kings and never picking it up again.

Trust God to “fill in the gaps” that the small volume of reading leaves if you are concerned about it.

Trust me, He will.

A list of the top 25 most popular, impactful scriptures of all time is HERE. Just start with those. Read one per day and think about it (I would use the word meditate, but some of you may think I’m burning the wacky weed).

God may just start up that “still small voice” thing from time to time and illuminate for you what’s up with the scripture and what it means to you today.

I ask you today to use technology (if old fashioned discipline won’t suffice) to connect with God’s story, piece by piece, on a daily basis. This is another small, but very practical way to Feel God’s Presence and another step of faith.

Thanks for reading – look for the next email in the series in a couple of days. Until then, setup a system that works for you and take a bite at a time of the greatest story ever told.

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