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Part 5 – Bringing the Magic Home

This technique should be called the Feeling God’s Presence Magic Accelerator.

Some people consider it radical.

Some consider it extreme.

The disciples who followed Jesus did it regularly.

Many today have forsaken it, but many know that it should be part of every God-seekers life. The God-magic accelerator is fasting.

Huh? Yes. Fasting. Have you tried it? Have you really?

If you are like me, you get immeshed in the world’s business, with people who don’t care about God, and with hundreds of taks and distractions. Sometimes even doing the simple things we’ve talked about in the first four emails is tough to maintain, even for the devoted. Distractions come. Apps malfunction. You forget to pray. We all do.

We have the best intentions but our follow through often stinks.

When it comes to spiritual things, if you want a breakthrough, fast. It’s that simple.

If you are impatient and things with God aren’t happening fast enough for you, fast.

If you want to feel His presence more strongly, fast.

If you need an answer to a prayer REAL bad, fast.

Fasting is the ultimate practical expression of faith – that you believe in Him so strongly that you will stop eating just to get closer to Him. He loves it.

Now, this may sound extremely radical to you. It sounds radical even to many long-time Christians who’ve never done it, but let me explain a bit.

I’m not talking about not eating or drinking for 40 days or to the point of death. I’m not talking about not drinking water and staying hydrated (that will, like, kill you). I’m not talking about fasting if you have a medical condition and I’m not suggesting you do anything stupid. You should probably see your doctor first before your first one to make sure everything is cool.

In the meantime, its highly unlikely that it will kill you to skip a meal and spend the time praying instead (again, if you are afraid it will, talk to your doctor first).

Fasting is a regular part of most major world religions (lent for the Catholics, Ramadan for the Muslim faith, various fasting days for Jewish faith, and “as God calls” for the Protestant). Millions do it regularly.

So, let me challenge you. If you just can’t wrap your mind around the thought of not eating, then fast something else that distracts you from God. Fast Facebook and spend that time praying or thinking about God or reading your verse of the day. Instead of sending 117 texts per day, cut that back to 50 and use the extra time to develop your spiritual life. Be creative. Ask God what He would have you do. You’ll know what’s right.

Carving out some focused time for Him, accelerated by a physical hunger in the name of spiritual health, is the fastest way to feel His presence. I’ve done it. Many of my friends have. For the final time, I didn’t tell you to starve yourself to death, to stop taking your meds or to go against medical advice. In fact, if you have concerns, talk to your doctor (is that enough CYA text? I hope so).

And, if you are serious about feeling God’s presence and none of the other methods have impressed you, give this a shot. You’ll be amazed.

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