Always Be Persistent?

There are signs when we are trying to “make things happen” instead of flowing with God.

Recently, my boss suggested I connect with a peer-led professional development organization here in Atlanta (no, I didn’t take that as “you suck”, but…).  Long story short, after visiting two different groups plus extensive Google searches for alternatives, I finally realized this wasn’t working. I was trying hard to make something fit that really didn’t for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes, its just the timing. But sometimes, God sees how a good thing will prevent you from doing the best thing and will actively, lovingly block you from proceeding.

Do you trust Him more than you trust your own (or someone else’s) brilliant ideas?


The Source

Sometimes, we believe the source of an idea is God. This is particularly true if it is camouflaged by good intentions. I have initiated “good” activities that I did not have the energy to sustain out of fear of “not doing enough for God” many times. If you, dear reader, have been one of the people left hanging when my zeal petered out, I sincerely apologize to you for that.

The truth is, acting on self-directed good intentions rarely produces the fruit you hoped for.

John 15:5 says this: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.”

You really can’t create good fruit (lasting, meaningful results) on your own. As God-followers we are like plants, unable to squeeze out more grapes by self-effort. We are dependent on the One who grows us and prunes us.

What happens when you strive to grow during pruning season?


No matter how hard you try.


Stop. Listen and be open to His direction.

And, if you have sincerely prayed and sought answers, then consider that you may be asking the wrong question.

Instead of “How do I make this business (or ministry) grow?” maybe you should start with “Do You want me involved with this at all?” or at least “Do You want me involved with this right now?”.

It’s funny how different questions yield answers that years of prayer do not. Yes, I’ve been guilty of this and my persistence in demanding answers to the wrong questions was costly. Doing things His way is always better in the long run.

Lord, give us wisdom to ask the right questions and the courage to hear (and act on) Your answers.


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