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When I was a teenager, some local rockers and I found out where Bon Jovi was staying on the eve of a local concert. A little snooping around and we found their transport van at a Hilton only a few minutes from our location (it wasn’t a huge town…it was either the Hilton or the Motel 6. Even a 16 year old headbanger can call that one…..). We hustled over to the rear of the hotel – five male local rockers and a couple of giggly teenage girls waited in hopes of getting an autograph.

Jeff McKinney Metal Years

Your Author in Role of Heavy Metal Band Lead Singer (Second from left…I can’t make this stuff up….)

The young girls vibrated at the thought of meeting Jon Bon Jovi in person. The guys meditated on being the envy of our rocker friends….(You got to meet who!?). Yes, we were primed. A tired security guard standing by the van warned the girls to settle down or the band wouldn’t come out. A more intimidating security guy walked out the back door of the Hilton with a walkie talkie, sized up the threat of the group (the five male local rockers weighed a combined 502 pounds) and decided it was safe. He clearly was more concerned about the two 92 lb females seeking a once in a lifetime opportunity to force a Mississippi shotgun wedding with Mr. Bon Jovi.


Finally, the first guy came out. It was the keyboard player……sigh. The thrill of meeting a big time rock star was quickly dampened by the reality that he was pretty much…..normal. Where was the “big guy”, Jon Bon Jovi and his right hand ax-man, Richie Sambora? The band filed out one at a time. Next came the bass player…..sigh. Then the drummer….ok, he had cool hair and proved that you could be 5’2″ and be a rock star (I stood about 5′ 4″ at the time so hope for fame was kindled within me!). Finally, Richie Sambora emerged, signed autographs and entered the transport van with the other 3 band members (who had to be bored stiff – no smartphones back then, remember?). Now, only one guy left. Would he really show up? Were we really about to meet Jon Bon Jovi himself?


There is someone each of us would get excited about meeting, whether a rock star, an actor/actress or maybe a president. Even some CEOs have this aura of being something “extra” – living a bit higher than us “regular people”. But let me ask you this, fellow Christians. Who lives inside of you? You know the pat answer….the Holy Spirit. Right. But who is that really? I realized recently that I have been guilty of thinking of the Holy Spirit like I thought about the bass player for Bon Jovi…Sigh, I only got to meet the bass player. The Superstar? He’s off in the clouds somewhere with better things to do. If only I could meet Him…..

The problem with this twisted view is that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are, like, ONE (yeah, the Trinity thing, you’ve heard of it probably). You don’t have just the bass player inside of you. You have God! The whole enchilada, frontman, lead singer God. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is alive in you. Think about that. Recognize it. Do you treat the Holy Spirit like “just the bass player”? I have and it has caused me to think less of the incredible gift that Jesus purchased for us with his blood, death and resurrection.

If you are a non-Christian reading this, forgive my indulgence into soft theology, but one reason many Christians act no different than the general populus is they just don’t recognize Whose they are and Who resides in them…right there. RIGHT THERE on the inside. The whole concept of struggling to hear from a distant God is bogus. If you have accepted Christ as your savior, You are ONE with Him (Gal 2:20). There is no distance. There is no need to strive, only to recognize whose you are and the amazing gift you have been given.


So, did Jon Bon Jovi come strolling out and graciously sign autographs for the tribe gathered around his white Ford X-files government conspiracy van? Yes. Yes, he did. It was cool. All I had for him to sign was a corner torn from the cover of my Chevy Monza automobile manual. The autograph probably isn’t worth all that much, but the Guy I have living inside me? He’s priceless.


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