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Are We Getting Close?

You’ve thought it. Sure, you have. If you watch the Walking Dead or if you have studied end times prophecy. There is part of you that knows deep down: The end is near and I have inadvertently accepted the mark of the beast – It’s my grocery discount card.

You’ve been warned. Revelations 13:16-17 clearly says you will use the mark to buy goods (or, could the prophet have meant “get discounts on produce”?). The beast will tag you and you will need his mark to buy groceries, to survive. You will be considered an enemy of God for taking it, but the lure of saving nickels and dimes….it’s just too much to turn down!

You have been assimilated into the end times system. But, you can’t help yourself. The managers specials! The fuel points that give the orgasmic thrill of paying less than $3 for a gallon of gas – Its just too much to deny! Sure, you know your spiritual fate hangs in the balance, but you drive an SUV.  Have you paid to fill up an SUV lately?

Too Far Gone?

Wouldn’t it be terrible to find yourself on the wrong side of God because of something you didn’t know? Wouldn’t it be terrible if you were deceived? Would you still want His grace and forgiveness?

That’s the cool thing about God. Even after doing terrible things, we are not “too far gone”. Rick from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” said it best in this clip:

Not Too Far Gone

Even if the discount card is the mark of the beast, I am still redeemable. God isn’t going to “off” me on a technicality. I have more faith in Him than that. Don’t you?

We are not too far gone. There is hope even when the world seems to be ripping itself apart with hatred and division. There is hope even when we can no longer count on corporations or governments to look out for our best interests. There is hope.

Will We See Walking Dead?

Biblical wisdom can be found in many places, including the Walking Dead. Herschel (the guy with the sword to his neck) discussed the end with Rick in an earlier episode. He said “Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something a little different in mind” (check out Isaiah 26:19). Herschel didn’t anticipate a zombie apocalypse. But like Herschel, it is probable that most of our pre-conceived ideas about “the end times” are wrong. We can’t control how, when or if any of this will go down.

What you can control while you’re waiting for the apocalypse is your love for the person standing in front of you. Your children. Your spouse. Your neighbor. The bad driver in traffic. The guy who wrote the lame blog post you want to blast in the comments. You can choose to give a smile. You can love when it would be easier to hate. You can offer to care for the group of people who show up at your gate with tanks and guns (you can’t control their response, but like Rick you can offer…).

Some would say the world isn’t going to get better. Some would stop caring and feeling because its easier that way. But we still have the power to live a revolutionary life the way Jesus did. We have the power to love the unlovable. In His day lepers and Gentiles were despised, but He showed kindness to them. Who could you shock with unexpected kindness?

We Can Change

Let’s face it – if we accidentally did the unthinkable, like unknowingly taking the mark of the beast, we would want to be forgiven. We would want grace. Don’t other people who have been misled deserve the same?

The Governor from the Walking Dead (the guy with the eye patch) was prepared for most anything, except a loving response from Rick. Even when bent on destruction, the suggestion of cooperation surprised him and caused him to pause. People outside the church, particularly the ones we treat as modern day lepers, are prepared for most anything except a truly loving Christian. So while you’re waiting on the end times, go be revolutionary. Use your grocery discount card. Fill up using your fuel points. And love the unlovable.

We’re not too far gone.

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